You’re thinking about working at Vier für Texas?

Here, you’ll find some useful information about us, which will help you decide what to do.

Which jobs do you usually offer?

We offer traditional jobs within an advertising and design agency such as in the art department, final artwork, copy, coding and project management. We also offer jobs as (social media) editors or in the area of search engine optimization. The Texas-Themenbüro mainly needs project managers and editors. Click here to see our current open positions..

Do you also hire trainees?

Yes, we do, for the duration of one year and with the prospect of ongoing employment afterwards. At the moment there are no open trainee positions but you can always send your unsolicited application to Catrin.

How is your agency structured?

Our teams work very independently in mixed groups of up to six people. Usually, the teams work for bigger clients such as the Frankfurt Book Fair, Samsung or BASF. Other teams have a thematic focus such as our online team. But every team works for different brands and projects.

Who are your clients?

We work for major brands such as BASF, Frankfurt Book Fair, Reisebank, Samsung or Deutsche Bank. But we also have entrepreneurial spirit. We love to work on the communication of small businesses and from time to time, we even invest in start-ups. Click here for an overview of our clients and here for our current campaigns.

Do you offer apprenticeships?

Unfortunately, we do not.

Can I win awards with you?

Yes and no. We do participate in competitions from time to time and have won lots of important awards in the past for our campaigns, strategies and graphic design work. For example the ADC award in germany and NY or the iF DESIGN AWARD. But we think that awards are getting more and more irrelevant every year. That’s why we don’t bother as much anymore. We don’t provide a budget to create fictional campaigns for fictional clients. But there is always time and money for a good award idea to solve a real problem!

You have a chef?

Yes, we do! Zana cooks lunch for us from monday to thursday, so that the texas gang is well fed. That’s a good opportunity to come by, say hello and get to know us. Just give Catrin a quick call.

You are located in the infamous Frankfurt Bahnhofsviertel?

Relax! You’ll find more than just the drug scene and the red light district in the Bahnhofsviertel. There is a lot of new, exciting stuff going on: Trendy bars, many restaurants with country-specific cuisines, interesting start-ups and lots more have found a home in our neighborhood. It’s always worthwhile to come and visit. To experience the Frankfurt Bahnhofsviertel from its best side, for helpful tips and a mobile map for orientation, click here: Frankfurt Bahnhofsviertel
We also support our neighborhood during the annual Bahnhofsviertelnacht By the way: As the name already suggests and as a central hub, our neighborhood offers the perfect transport connection.

And what if I want to consider working at your agency?

Perhaps there is no job available right now that fits your profile or you can’t decide just yet to work for us. In this case, just follow Vier für Texas on XING. The news you’ll find there is strictly business-related – hence mainly job openings. There is a lot to see on Facebook, but from time to time we also post job openings. That’s the perfect way to see what’s going on in Texas if you’re not quite ready yet. You can also subscribe to our newsletter; that way, you’ll receive a notification every time we (co-) organize a party or event.

Can I work as a freelancer for you?

Unfortunately, it’s rather rare that we work with freelancers. Even though we love to meet new people, we prefer to establish longtime relationships. At Vier für Texas, for example, we don’t have fixed-term contracts. But never say never; the advertisement industry is a vast field: There are certain topics that are too specific – and there are certain positions we can’t occupy at the level desired despite all efforts. Find the best possibilities to contact us or stay in touch as a freelancer on our contact site.

How can I apply for a job?

Just send your application to Catrin or via mail to: Vier für Texas GmbH & Co. KG, job application, Taunusstraße 21, 60329 Frankfurt, Germany.

Any questions? Just ask!

You can contact the two CEOs Björn and Philipp – they have a say regarding all open positions. Here you can reach Catrin, to whom you may send your application. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our coworkers via our team site and just ask them: “So, how is it to work at your place, anyway?” We also love people who pick up the phone and give us a spontaneous call!